Creating Last Mile Connectivity

With television overtaking books and newspapers as a key source of information and entertainment worldwide, the frontiers of Cable Television have expanded multifold in recent years. Watching television has become the ritual that reading the morning newspaper was until a few decades ago. It is estimated that an average literate person in India spends up to 1.63 hours a day watching television.

Supporting this transformation is the number of television channels that beam a truly humungous variety of programmes for the Indian viewer. Everything from reality TV, to soap operas and family dramas, and cinema is on the offer. Hathway has been at the forefront of this media frenzy with its multitude of services extending last mile cable connectivity to millions of subscribers. We are currently connecting more households in the country than anyone else across the cable and broadband space. With our strong focus on last mile connectivity, we are continuously upgrading our technological prowess to deliver a more superior and wider bouquet of offerings to the Local Cable Operators (LCOs).

“We currently offer 300+ SD channels along with 30 HD channels on our network through 23 high-quality digital Head-ends”

“Our CATV infrastructure of digital Head-ends ensures superior streaming quality, while our 16,000 kms. of Hybrid Fibre Coaxial (HFC) network and our telecom fibre network are the last word in high-quality network performance”

Innovative EPG

In order to make television viewing an out-of-the-box experience for consumers, we introduced a unique Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) in FY 2014. The guide allows channel banner to display the programme synopsis and other details, on-screen guidance enables searching for programmes by genre/actor, among other things. With bright features, clear graphics, easy-to-use menus and information at one’s fingertips, this is a handy tool that is bound to become a favourite with our customers.

“With unique programming and the increasing ability to offer more channels, coupled with attractive packages for popular channels, we have consistently succeeded in delighting our customers. Segregated content offerings across different platforms make Hathway an ideal advertising sales platform, ensuring a wider platform of customer satisfaction.”