Partnering with people at every mile

As a Company focussed on employee, partner and stakeholder delight, Hathway is continuously looking for new ways of reaching out to our people at every mile.

Our unique positioning as a source of distinctive media content and high speed internet access has enabled us to bring together a team that comprises the best in the industries of media, entertainment, broadcasting, telecom and retail, with their cross-functional skills a critical engine of growth.

“We are a stakeholder-focussed company and value the trust that our promoters and investors have shown in investing in our business. We work with a singular focus on rewarding them for their confidence in us, and believe that when a company is able to reward its employees, its partners and its stakeholders, it plays a sustainable role”

We, therefore, look at our LCOs as the first peg in our last mile connectivity plans, with their growth inexorably linked to our own progress. We are consistently striving to help our LCOs enhance their scalability and boost earnings through technological guidance and other inputs.


“Hathway is focussed towards issues on the ground and works together with all LCOs to ensure profitability and improving customer experience. We value our working relationship with Hathway as they are visionary and take their partners along with them always.” Sridhar R, Local Cable Operator, Sri Sat Vision, Bengaluru

We foster our team with passion and commitment, and nurture their talents while grooming their capabilities. Our goal is to emerge and remain as a great place to work, and we emphasise work-life balance as a minimum takeaway of our people focus. Our policies and actions are aimed at imbuing our people with a strong sense of ownership and pride, and ensuring employee happiness as a priority focus area.


My 15 years long journey with Hathway has been exciting, eventful and full of earning. Having started my career as an Accounts executive here, I have grown with the Company and learnt the dynamics of the business with each day. The management, people and trade partners I have dealt with during my tenure have been some of the most experienced in the business and have contributed tremendously in the growth of Hathway. As we move forward in the digitisation regime, Hathway is best placed to adapt to the changing demands of the industry.

Mahesh Mevada, General Manager - MIS, Hathway Cable and Datacom Limited

We believe in inspiring satisfaction and growth across the network of our partners and work with them with a relationship mindset that is far superior to a transactional outlook. We forge and sustain long-term, mutually beneficial relationships and believe that in reaching the last mile, our partners have an important role to play.


“Cisco’s relationship with Hathway has come a long way since the launch of its cable broadband service in 2000, wherein we form the core of the Company’s cutting-edge broadband infrastructure. Hathway also showed great confidence in our software solutions to support its digital cable TV offering, launched in 2003. Hathway has always carried an image of the technology trendsetter in the cable and satellite industry, as endorsed by the launch of India’s first cable broadband service, the adoption of DOCSIS 3.0 standards, the roll-out of India’s first digital cable TV services and embracing new and advanced technologies in its endeavour to offer something extra to the subscribers. We are pleased to be associated with Hathway as their trusted technology partner, providing them with a foundation for high speed broadband, differentiated video services, increased revenues and ongoing subscriber growth, through our world leading broadband and pay-TV solutions.”

Sanjay Kaul, Managing Director, Service Provider Business, Cisco India and SAARC